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Highlight (formerly called sidebar) boxes become tables with dark blue text (#0000FF). If the highlight gets really long, consider putting it on a page of its own and linking it from the indicator page.

What does this measure show? OR Why can't this measure be reported?


upload JPG figures - figures can go anywhere in the flow of the document
if you want to put two tables next to one another, create a 1row x 2col table and put one image in each cell

Figure 1. caption (below figure)
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you can cut-paste excel tables, but they will not have pretty colors - that's ok - tables can go in most appropriate place in document

Table 1.
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Limitations and Further Research

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Technical Notes

text, including links to downloaded data. Also include any spreadsheets you use - upload and LINK TO FILE (instead embed link)

Here is an example: Population Trends