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Agritourism Activities


What is this?

This measure focuses on the ten types of Agritourism activities, as categorized by NC Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, currently available in the Triangle region.

Why does it matter?

Information regarding the different forms of Agritourism, that are present in the Triangle, gives us an idea of the economic importance and demand of different types activities. The most popular activities are also likely to be successful sources of additional farm income, making it easier for farmers to stay in business.

The distribution and frequency of Agritourism activities offered in the Triangle provide information of the different opportunities available for the residents to learn about farming and food production and even actively participate in the process. Spending time outdoors picking strawberries, running through a corn maze or watching farm animals also serves as a way for children to connect with nature. On the other hand, many categories of activities include possibilities for dining, wine tasting, and buying fresh local food on farms. As such, his measure also shows the distribution and frequency of some important local food access points in the region

What does it show?


Figure 1.
Agritourism Activities Offered in the Triangle. Source: NC Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, 2010

Figure 1 shows the different activities offered by the Agritourism farms in the six counties. The ten categories of activities present are: Camping, Bird Watching, Fishing, Hunting; Vineyards, Wineries, Dining, Slow Food; Farm Bed & Breakfasts, Country Cabins, Retreats; Holiday Farms, Christmas Trees, Crafts; Historic Farms, Reunions, Museums, Events; Hay Rides, Mazes, Pumpkin Patches; Barnyard Animals, Farm Riding Trails; Pick Your Own Farms, Farm Roadside Stands, Nurseries; Picnics, Parties, Weddings, Honeymoons, and School Field Trips, Summer Camps, Farm Vacations.

The most common form of Agritourism is "School Field Trips, Summer Camps and Farm Vacations." This may indicate the popularity of educational opportunities offered on farms. These opportunities flourish in Johnston and Wake, each with 10 farms providing these activities, although farms in all six counties offer these activities. All six counties arrange different kinds of events such as picnics, parties and weddings. Other commonly offered activities include pick your own produce, pumpkin patches, and farm roadside stands. Barnyard animals, farm riding trails, hayrides, and mazes also seem to be successful ways to create additional farm income.

Note: The chart does not show the total number of farms since farms typically offer more than one activity.

Author: Elina Inkiläinen

Reviewers: Tandy Jones, TLC; Dr. Nancy Creamer, NCSU

Technical notes

Source: NC Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, Agritourism Division.
A query was made of the Agritourism activities offered in the six counties of interest. The website was accessed and data were compiled on 03/07/2010.
Spreadsheet with data: Agritourism Data.xlsx